Home Buyer's Corner

Everything you’ll want to know about your new Matt Byrd Home & more!

More Square Feet. More Choice. More Fun

What every homeowner needs…More space. We start by designing our plans with a single purpose-how do we maximize square footage? Our construction management and trade partners are on board with our mission, and are always seeking bigger and better ways to do just that. More Choice What every homeowner wants…More floor plans and more options. Our collection of floor plans give you the freedom to choose what fits your lifestyle. Our homes come with what you need, you choose what you want.

Let our sales agents walk you through our Sales Center and show you our many interiors and exterior selections and options to make your house your own. More Fun What every homeowner deserves… A fun and easy home buying experience. Buying a home is likely the largest single purchase you’ll every make. Shouldn’t you enjoy it? We think so. That’s why we carefully craft our procedures and programs to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

Dependable Delivery Dates

We know a Dependable Delivery Date is important to you… To give notice where you currently live, to sell your current home, to lock in your interest rates, to make your moving arrangements… You want to know, “When do I move in?”

At Matt Byrd New Home Sales, level scheduling ensures we only commit to building the number of homes we can produce correctly and on time. Our systematic building schedule ensures every work day counts, with specific construction goals to keep everyone working efficiently and moving forward. This schedule for your home, and other homes around it, maintains an even flow of work for our trade partners, so they not only produce the highest quality, they produce it on time.

The schedule starts at framing, and is based on approximately 60 working days. While your home is being build, we’ll update you weekly on the working days completed, working days remaining, and non-working days that have occurred due to unforeseen circumstances (such as inclement weather). Your closing date will be established upon the completion of your building schedule. The bottom line for you is less surprises and more dependable delivery date.

Fail Safe Construction

At Matt Byrd New Home Sales, we’ve coined the phrase Fail-Safe Construction to more accurately describe the methods we use to ensure our homes are built free from ordinary construction failure, our gold being zero Defect.

While we have many examples of our Fail-Safe Construction, one key component is our high-organized incremental building. Each increment is inspected and signed off on before another begins, and any problems that are found are corrected so as not to affect the integrity of quality of any other increment. Another key component is our commitment to using the best building products and methods available. Our homes not only meet building codes, but often exceed them. Your home is designed to be stronger, more durable, and more efficient, so it not only serves you today, but well into the years to come.

Our engineered foundations increase strength and stability. Unlike most builders, we follow a strict slab curing process before framing, resulting in significantly reduced shifting and cracking from ordinary construction settling.

Our framing structures are designed to last, with 16” on center studs for load-bearing walls and 24” on center studs for non-load-bearing walls.

Our engineered floor systems, using continuous spans, provide increased strength, level floors, decrease floor squeaks, and larger room sizes.

Our trusses are computer-designed by engineers, load tested, and manufactured in a controlled environment, giving you ultimate strength and stability.

These premium shingles are chosen for their durability and long life.

Durable and easy to maintain, vinyl siding provides sharp-looking beauty for years to come.

Insulated exterior walls and ceilings improve comfort and decrease energy costs.

You’ll enjoy energy-efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance with double-pane, vinyl windows.

Insulated steel doors provide even more gains in energy efficiency and home comfort.

Superior to conventional copper plumbing, our composite systems not only have higher heat retention, but a reduced risk of failing, with more reliable connections and no scaling or corrosion.

Primed MDF has a better paint finish, no visible finger joints, and less denting than other wood trims.

A high seer unit increases energy efficiency and comfort during both the hottest and coldest days.

Get immediate beauty and erosion control with an established front yard.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced one, our team at Matt Byrd Homes will help you find a home to suit your lifestyle and needs.