Controlled Volume

By limiting the amount of homes under construction at one time, we're able to give each individual home (and homeowner) the attention to detail needed to ensure the highest quality. Whereas most builders build with sales, with a large spike in the summer and lows in the winter, our building is spread out evenly throughout the year, which guarantees our trade partners work year-round. As a result, they work hard to keep our business, giving us the best prices, best crews and best service that we can then pass onto you in a higher quality home and lower prices.

Centralized Scheduling

Our state-of-art scheduling system streamlines our building procedures and is managed by a dedicated team at our corporate office. This means our On-Site Supervisors are freed up to focus on their number one priority; answering questions about your home, daily inspections and quality checks.

Quality Control

We follow a 10-point quality check system that ensures things are going as planned at every stage in your homes' construction. We don't move to the next stage until the current one has been checked and signed off on. This reduces costly errors or mistakes and keeps trade partners and employees accountable at every turn, resulting in the highest quality.


From the very beginning, our homes and subdivisions are designed and engineered around saving costs, eliminating waste, and increasing efficiency. This up-front work not only helps us bring you more house for less money but gives you a home that is more efficient and easier to maintain.